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TODAY ONLY, your gift is doubled when you choose to support the CLAS Museums and Exhibits fund. This fund supports opportunities that go beyond the classroom and connect the College to the community through a host of museums, exhibits, and community engagement programs that make an indelible impact in Detroit and around the globe.


WSU Planetarium is an astronomical education resource for Wayne State students and the larger Detroit community that features weekly free full-dome screenings open to the public, K-12 school groups, and special interest groups. Gifts to the WSU Planetarium will improve technologies that allow hundreds of people to gaze up at the wonders of the universe free of charge.


Dan Zowada Memorial Observatory captures powerful pictures of space and sends them to Detroit. The state-of-the-art dome houses a 20-inch robotic telescope remotely controlled by students and faculty of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, who serve the campus community through teaching, research, and community outreach. You'll have an astronomical effect when you support this New Mexico observatory housed under some of the darkest skies in the nation.



Gordon L. Grosscup Museum of Anthropology helps train and engage students in preservation, research, interpretation and exhibition. Your gift will preserve the protection of the Department of Anthropology’s global collections and share illuminating and illustrative artifacts of Detroit’s local history for generations to come.


Geology Mineral Museum, Detroit's first ever geology mineral museum, is home to over 350 artifacts spanning a collection of nearly 50 agates from across the globe. It also includes an immersive dark room where you can see fluorescent minerals glow under ultraviolet rays. Supporting this gem will allow more elementary students and geological connoisseurs to see and examine the minerals procured by dedicated and driven students and staff.    


Natural History Museum offers guided tours led by students and faculty for classes and families interested in learning about natural history. Your support will help bring busloads of young explorers to see species on display from all over the world as diverse as Bengal Tigers and beavers.


Wayne State faculty and staff can give via payroll deduction here.

Dean Hartwell's Museums and Exhibits Match
Every donation to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Museums and Exhibits will be matched — up to $2,500!
$1,115 MATCHED
WSU Planetarium Match
Be a binary star for the planetarium! Dr. Jerry Dunifer, Emeritus Professor of Physics and Astronomy, and Dr. Walt Kauppila, Emeritus Professor of Physics, will match donations to the WSU Planetarium — up to $2,500!
$2,300 MATCHED
Gordon L. Grosscup Museum & Material Cultures Lab Match
Double Your Impact! The Anthropology Faculty/Staff will match funds that support the Gordon L. Grosscup Museum or the Material Cultures Lab — up to $1,900.
$1,900 MATCHED
Gifts by school, college, and unit
From the Ilitch School to CLAS to the W Food Pantry. Who is leading Giving Day with the most number of gifts?
Rank Department Gifts
1 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 197
2 College of Education 112
3 Mike Ilitch School of Business 104
4 School of Medicine 96
5 College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts 58
6 Computing & Information Technology 48
7 College of Engineering 44
8 Eugene Applebaum Pharmacy and Health Sciences 39
9 International Programs 36
10 Irvin D. Reid Honors College 35
11 School of Social Work 35
12 College of Nursing 34
13 Diversity and Inclusion 34
14 Student Emergency Fund 33
15 General Scholarship Fund 32
16 Wayne Law 30
17 Athletics 28
18 School of Information Sciences 28
19 The W Food Pantry 27
20 WSU Press 25
21 Alumni Association 24
22 HIGH Program 23
23 WDET 19
24 Institute of Gerontology 8
25 TechTown Detroit 8
26 Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute 3
27 Economic Development 3
28 Freer House 2
29 Detroit Radio Information Service 1
30 Emeritus Academy 0
31 Graduate School 0
Alumni Class Year by Decade
150 years and over 260,000 graduates later, WSU is proud of all alumni. Which decade of Warriors will prove to be the most philanthropic today?
In which decade did you graduate?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 '80s 118
2 '90s 98
3 2000s 98
4 2010s 92
5 '70s 78
6 '60s 35
7 '50s 6
Donors by Affinity
Alumni, friends, faculty and staff members, parents and students make Wayne State what it is. Which group will make the biggest impact today? Stay tuned!
What is your affiliation to WSU?
Rank Answer Amount
1 Alumni $267,671.00
2 Faculty/Staff $93,666.00
3 Friend $6,595.00
4 Parent $2,805.00
5 Student $2,721.00
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