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College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts

Giving Day contributions of every size make a major difference! Support one of our featured projects today or give to another area that helps the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts. Today only, your donation is matched dollar-for-dollar by the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts Board of Visitors, up to $1,000!


Gilda Snowden, The Silent Preacher. Cass Corridor, c. 1988.
Encaustic, pigment and found objects on wood


University Art Collection – Online Gallery Project

Used to educate, inspire, foster creative thinking and promote the advancement of social and cultural leadership, the collection was founded in 1968, and has grown to over 6,500 works of art that celebrate Detroit artists. In an effort to reach all students and the broader community, highlights from the University Art Collection can now be accessed online. Our goal is to build and expand this site to be a source for scholarly research on the important Detroit and regional artwork found in the collection.  


Giving Day gifts will help support the development of the educational component associated with the online collection.  Funds are needed to support the work of graduate research assistants and scholars to design innovative and exciting programming that will allow the University Art Collection to have a wider local and global reach. 


CFPCA Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship 

Established in 2006, the CFPCA Alumni Association was the first alumni group to create an endowed scholarship fund for its students. In its history, the fund has supported more than 15 CFPCA students from all disciplines of the college. CFPCA's alumni include Pulitzer prize-winning journalists and nominees for the Grammy, Emmy, Tony, Golden Globe, Obie, Screen Actors Guild and Caldecott awards.


Students like Music Business graduate, Meara Thierry, ’20, have shared that “This scholarship relieves the financial burden that often comes along with pursuing a degree. Thanks to the assistance this scholarship gives me, I have fewer out-of-pocket expenses and no tuition balance.”


Film/Media Arts and Studies-Advanced Student Productions

Preparing students for careers as film/video makers, media professionals, and scholars who can create, interpret and critique a broad range of film and media content is the focus of Film and Media Arts and Studies. Students are encouraged to think both critically and creatively about media as they gain hands-on skills in film/video production and content creation. The typical $250-$600 out-of-pocket student costs for a project include set design materials, wardrobe and costumes, location fees, and travel/living expenses for cast and crew, and with new safety protocols these costs may increase dramatically per semester. 


Take a moment to view work by our talented students and to watch our award winning advanced students’ reel.



Hilberry Gateway

Years of planning have helped sharpen the vision for our integrated performing arts complex. Construction has begun on the Hilberry Gateway. Now the stage is set for the future of the performing arts in Detroit, and it’s time to bring our vision to life. Challenging times like these highlight the importance of personal connection more than ever before in our lives. The performing arts have the power to bring people together — to experience moving stories and new perspectives — and walk away transformed. As CFPCA continues to serve as the cultural gateway to Wayne State University, the Hilberry Gateway needs your support to revolutionize performance excellence at Wayne State.


Theatre and Dance

Offering undergraduate and graduate students professional training in performance, design and technology, stage management and theatre management/arts administration, WSU's Theatre and Dance department is committed to arts education. Since the start of the pandemic, performances have not been able to occur, and revenue from box office sales is non-existent. All Giving Day donations to the Theatre and Dance Annual Fund will offset that loss of revenue. 



Murals at Wayne 

In Fall 2020, WSU painting students in the James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History will work with contemporary fine artist and Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing Margi Weir, to design and create a large-scale mural on campus. Our students will continue to learn about managing large-scale public projects as well as honing their art and design skills. The results will make a colorful mark on campus, bringing art out of the studio and into our community.



Wayne State faculty and staff can give via payroll deduction here.

Our WSU Alumni Regional Networks are showing up for Giving Day!
There are active Wayne State alumni regional networks in many areas across the country, and the engaged alumni who are part of those networks love giving back to their alma mater. Which regional network will have the most donors today?
Which regional network are you part of?
Rank Answer Donors
1 Chicago 16
2 NYC 10
3 DC 7
4 LA 5
5 Northern California 3
Gifts by school, college and unit
From the Ilitch School to CLAS to the W Food Pantry. Who is leading Giving Day with the most number of gifts?
Rank Department Raised
1 Mike Ilitch School of Business $187,114.00
2 School of Social Work $56,065.00
3 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences $45,478.00
4 College of Engineering $41,435.00
5 School of Medicine $30,384.00
6 Irvin D. Reid Honors College $22,910.00
7 College of Education $21,665.00
8 College of Nursing $19,202.00
9 General Scholarship Fund $18,267.00
10 Radiation Therapy Technology $15,250.00
11 Athletics $13,275.00
12 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives $12,964.00
13 College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts $10,603.00
14 WSU Press $9,038.00
15 Wayne Law $8,450.00
16 School of Information Sciences $4,175.00
17 Alumni Programs $3,556.00
18 University Libraries $2,670.00
19 The W Food Pantry $2,370.00
20 Other $2,336.00
21 Computing & Information Technology $2,305.00
22 Pharmacy Practice $2,150.00
23 Center for Latino/a & Latin American Studies $1,500.00
24 HIGH Program $1,480.00
25 Eugene Applebaum Pharmacy and Health Sciences $1,425.00
26 WDET $1,175.00
27 Dean's Discretionary Fund $1,025.00
28 Student Emergency Fund $879.00
29 International Programs $745.00
30 Graduate School $530.00
31 Institute of Gerontology $525.00
32 Pharmaceutical Science $500.00
33 Warrior Relief & Response $490.00
34 Physical Therapy $400.00
35 Michael Bowen Memorial Fund $350.00
36 Physician Assistant $350.00
37 Career Services $250.00
38 Center for Urban Studies $235.00
39 Occupational Therapy $150.00
40 TechTown Detroit $125.00
41 Economic Development $125.00
42 Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute $100.00
43 Radiologic Technology $100.00
44 Freer House $75.00
45 Emeritus Academy $54.00
46 Detroit Radio Information Service $50.00
47 Pathologists' Assistant $10.00
48 Pharmacy Class of 1979 Scholarship $0.00
49 Clinical Laboratory Science $0.00
50 Mortuary Science $0.00
51 Nurse Anesthesia $0.00
Donors by Affinity
Alumni, friends, faculty and staff members, parents and students make Wayne State what it is. Which group will make the biggest impact today? Stay tuned!
What is your affiliation to WSU?
Rank Answer Amount
1 Alumni $332,521.00
2 Faculty/Staff $80,041.00
3 Friend $12,403.00
4 Student $3,125.00
5 Parent $1,100.00
Alumni Class Year by Decade
With over 274,000 living alumni, WSU is proud of all alumni. Which decade of Warriors will prove to be the most philanthropic today?
In which decade did you graduate?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 '70s 131
2 '80s 92
3 '90s 86
4 2000s 72
5 2010s 58
6 '60s 47
7 '50s 10
8 2020s 8
9 '40s 2
WSU Employee Donations by Division
Across the university, our employees care about Wayne State's mission, inspiring from within. Which division has the most donors?
What division do you work for?
Rank Answer Donors
1 Liberal Arts & Sciences 68
2 Development & Alumni Affairs 64
3 School of Social Work 22
4 School of Medicine 22
5 University Libraries 22
6 Business School 19
7 Provost & VP Academic Affair 18
8 College of Nursing 16
9 Computing & Info Technology 16
10 College of Education 14
11 Pharmacy & Health Science 13
12 WSU Press 12
13 Student Affairs 8
14 Fine & Performing Arts 7
15 College of Engineering 7
16 Educational Outreach 7
17 Marketing and Communications 6
18 Honors College 5
19 Research 5
20 Facilities Plan & Management 4
21 Research Support 4
22 President 3
23 Athletics 3
24 Graduate School 3
25 Internal Audit 2
26 Business Operations 2
27 Fiscal Operations 2
28 Human Resources 2
29 Law School 2
30 School of Business Admin 1
31 VP Economic Development 1
32 VP Finance & Bus Operations 1
33 General Counsel 1
34 Governmental & Comm. Affairs 1
35 Procure. & Strat. Sourcing 1
36 Public Safety 1
37 Health & Physical Education 1
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