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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives


Supporting any Diversity, Equity and Inclusion fund can unlock an additional $5,000 donation to the Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP) by generous alumnus Steve Stancroff, J.D. ’90. Warrior VIP ensures underrepresented students successfully adjust and transition into college. 


At Wayne State University, diversity, equity and inclusion are not just words. They are part of our DNA.


Wayne State University has a long history of opening our doors and expanding our commitment to equity. We have passionate faculty and staff working to create new and innovative approaches to raise awareness, engage learners and change behaviors around diversity and inclusion that are truly remarkable. The time for change is now, and our university will be part of that change and support others who stand for social justice. 


On Giving Day, choose to support the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program, fund, area or initiative that means the most to you. All gifts of every size make a major difference today.


Diversity & Inclusion

Your gift will impact the most pressing needs that create and sustain a diverse, inclusive and welcoming campus for students, faculty and staff. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion oversees a multitude of workshops, learning communities and programs focused on dialogue that value and celebrate diversity in a learning and living environment.


Citizenship for Health Program

Your gift will help empower people to reduce health disparities in their communities. In Detroit and across the country, racial and ethnic minorities are disproportionately impacted by poor health outcomes and early mortality. The Citizenship for Health Program offers resources and service programs in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Citizenship, the School of Social Work, Wayne State's Integrative Biosciences Initiative, and Focus:HOPE's Urban Learning and Leadership Collaborative (ULLC).


Detroit Equity Action Lab Fund

Your gift will fund an innovative hub of community-driven research, programming and media, working to dismantle structural racism in Detroit. The Detroit Equity Action Lab (DEAL) raises the profile of racial justice issues and connects community experts to build collective power. DEAL is an initiative of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights at Wayne Law. 


Warrior Vision and Impact Program

Your gift will strengthen a comprehensive student support program and learning community that ensures underrepresented students successfully adjust and transition into college. The Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP) fosters a positive university engagement setting that offers pre-college workshop sessions, summer events and access to peer mentors to help provide the support they need to succeed.


Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

Your gift will impact programs, curricula and research related to domestic and international peace, social justice and constructive conflict resolution. Each year the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies hosts a series of speakers, peacemakers, and professionals from Detroit and around the world who discuss topics of health, energy, water, gender-based violence, and grassroots peacebuilding.


Wayne State faculty and staff can give via payroll deduction here.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Match by Division of Development and Alumni Affairs Staff
As a show of shared commitment to making Wayne State an even more inclusive, supportive, and welcoming community where discrimination of any kind is not tolerated, the Division of Development and Alumni Affairs staff have created a pooled match. Any donations made to a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative fund will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $5,465.
$5,465 MATCHED
Our WSU Alumni Regional Networks are showing up for Giving Day!
There are active Wayne State alumni regional networks in many areas across the country, and the engaged alumni who are part of those networks love giving back to their alma mater. Which regional network will have the most donors today?
Which regional network are you part of?
Rank Answer Donors
1 Chicago 16
2 NYC 10
3 DC 7
4 LA 5
5 Northern California 3
Wayne Black Business Student Association Match by the Organization of Black Alumni
The Organization of Black Alumni is matching Giving Day donations to the Wayne Black Business Student Association. They will match your generosity dollar for dollar — up to $250!
Gifts by school, college and unit
From the Ilitch School to CLAS to the W Food Pantry. Who is leading Giving Day with the most number of gifts?
Rank Department Raised
1 Mike Ilitch School of Business $187,114.00
2 School of Social Work $56,065.00
3 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences $45,478.00
4 College of Engineering $41,435.00
5 School of Medicine $30,384.00
6 Irvin D. Reid Honors College $22,910.00
7 College of Education $21,665.00
8 College of Nursing $19,202.00
9 General Scholarship Fund $18,267.00
10 Radiation Therapy Technology $15,250.00
11 Athletics $13,275.00
12 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives $12,964.00
13 College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts $10,603.00
14 WSU Press $9,038.00
15 Wayne Law $8,450.00
16 School of Information Sciences $4,175.00
17 Alumni Programs $3,556.00
18 University Libraries $2,670.00
19 The W Food Pantry $2,370.00
20 Other $2,336.00
21 Computing & Information Technology $2,305.00
22 Pharmacy Practice $2,150.00
23 Center for Latino/a & Latin American Studies $1,500.00
24 HIGH Program $1,480.00
25 Eugene Applebaum Pharmacy and Health Sciences $1,425.00
26 WDET $1,175.00
27 Dean's Discretionary Fund $1,025.00
28 Student Emergency Fund $879.00
29 International Programs $745.00
30 Graduate School $530.00
31 Institute of Gerontology $525.00
32 Pharmaceutical Science $500.00
33 Warrior Relief & Response $490.00
34 Physical Therapy $400.00
35 Michael Bowen Memorial Fund $350.00
36 Physician Assistant $350.00
37 Career Services $250.00
38 Center for Urban Studies $235.00
39 Occupational Therapy $150.00
40 TechTown Detroit $125.00
41 Economic Development $125.00
42 Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute $100.00
43 Radiologic Technology $100.00
44 Freer House $75.00
45 Emeritus Academy $54.00
46 Detroit Radio Information Service $50.00
47 Pathologists' Assistant $10.00
48 Pharmacy Class of 1979 Scholarship $0.00
49 Clinical Laboratory Science $0.00
50 Mortuary Science $0.00
51 Nurse Anesthesia $0.00
Donors by Affinity
Alumni, friends, faculty and staff members, parents and students make Wayne State what it is. Which group will make the biggest impact today? Stay tuned!
What is your affiliation to WSU?
Rank Answer Amount
1 Alumni $332,521.00
2 Faculty/Staff $80,041.00
3 Friend $12,403.00
4 Student $3,125.00
5 Parent $1,100.00
Alumni Class Year by Decade
With over 274,000 living alumni, WSU is proud of all alumni. Which decade of Warriors will prove to be the most philanthropic today?
In which decade did you graduate?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 '70s 131
2 '80s 92
3 '90s 86
4 2000s 72
5 2010s 58
6 '60s 47
7 '50s 10
8 2020s 8
9 '40s 2
WSU Employee Donations by Division
Across the university, our employees care about Wayne State's mission, inspiring from within. Which division has the most donors?
What division do you work for?
Rank Answer Donors
1 Liberal Arts & Sciences 68
2 Development & Alumni Affairs 64
3 School of Social Work 22
4 School of Medicine 22
5 University Libraries 22
6 Business School 19
7 Provost & VP Academic Affair 18
8 College of Nursing 16
9 Computing & Info Technology 16
10 College of Education 14
11 Pharmacy & Health Science 13
12 WSU Press 12
13 Student Affairs 8
14 Fine & Performing Arts 7
15 College of Engineering 7
16 Educational Outreach 7
17 Marketing and Communications 6
18 Honors College 5
19 Research 5
20 Facilities Plan & Management 4
21 Research Support 4
22 President 3
23 Athletics 3
24 Graduate School 3
25 Internal Audit 2
26 Business Operations 2
27 Fiscal Operations 2
28 Human Resources 2
29 Law School 2
30 School of Business Admin 1
31 VP Economic Development 1
32 VP Finance & Bus Operations 1
33 General Counsel 1
34 Governmental & Comm. Affairs 1
35 Procure. & Strat. Sourcing 1
36 Public Safety 1
37 Health & Physical Education 1
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