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C.S. Mott Center

Giving Day contributions of every size make a major difference! Support one of these projects today and make a difference in the cutting edge research in human health and development. All gifts of every size make a difference and may even be doubled through day-of matches and challenges! In fact, donor Dr. John Levy has generously donated $5,000 this Giving Day to challenge others to make a gift to advance and support WSU’s Mott Center areas of research.

Mott Center Annual Fund

The C.S. Mott Center Annual Fund supports our vision to promote a personalized approach in basic, translational and clinical research that will improve health outcomes for women and children in our unique urban environment. Your donation provides the flexibility to fund our areas of greatest need, to embrace opportunities as they arise and support our mission to actively contribute to the community as the leading translational center for reproductive health.

Discovery to Cure High School Internship Program

The Discovery to Cure program provides high-quality life science research experience at Wayne State University to high school students and exposes them to the excitement of biomedical research careers. Your support of this program is critical to enhancing education opportunities throughout the community and sets the foundation for the next generation of talented faculty scientists. Learn more about this exciting program here.

Preterm Birth

At the C. S. Mott Center, we believe that education begins in the womb, as there are distinct developmental consequences to stresses experienced during pregnancy.  Detroit, which has the highest preterm birth rate in the country, represents the perfect storm where the impact of race, genetics and environmental factors disproportionately affects fetal developmental programming, which not only impacts the health and well-being of the baby but can also perpetuate transgenerational disease conditions in future generations. Your support to our Pregnancy and Preterm Birth Research Program will assist us to continue examining the pregnancy specific triggers that impact the developmental programming of adult disease, devise therapies to target and prevent abnormal outcomes and achieve our ultimate goal of halting the self-perpetuating cycle of transgenerational disease progression that initiates in utero.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women in the US, and the leading cause of mortality from gynecologic cancer. More than 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year. Our approach is to enhance our understanding of the origins of ovarian cancer, to the mechanisms that cause progression and recurrence, and the treatments that can improve patient outcomes. Your support to the Ovarian Cancer Research Group will help improve the outcomes of women with ovarian cancer and possibly save thousands of lives. There is also a signature naming opportunity available for the Ovarian Cancer Research Program at the C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development. We would be pleased to share more about how you can join the fight against ovarian cancer through leadership philanthropy at the Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Wayne State faculty and staff can give via payroll deduction here. Consider a WSU legacy gift in your estate plan.

Gifts by school, college and unit
From the Ilitch School to CLAS to the W Food Pantry. Who is leading Giving Day with the most number of gifts?
Rank Department Gifts
1 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 252
2 College of Education 140
3 College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts 137
4 Mike Ilitch School of Business 135
5 School of Medicine 106
6 College of Nursing 105
7 School of Social Work 84
8 College of Engineering 67
9 Law School 62
10 School of Information Sciences 55
11 C.S. Mott Center 54
12 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives 38
13 General Scholarship Fund 35
14 Athletics 32
15 WSU Press 30
16 Alumni Programs 29
17 Irvin D. Reid Honors College 26
18 The W Food Pantry 22
19 Student Emergency Fund 21
20 Computing & Information Technology 19
21 HIGH Program 18
22 University Libraries 17
23 Junior Year in Munich 13
24 WDET 8
25 International Programs 8
26 Institute of Gerontology 5
27 Pharmacy Practice 5
28 Economic Development 5
29 Center for Latino/a & Latin American Studies 5
30 TechTown Detroit 4
31 Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute 4
32 Detroit Radio Information Service 4
33 Freer House 4
34 Occupational Therapy 4
35 Dean's Discretionary Fund 3
36 Mortuary Science 3
37 EACPHS Diversity Scholarship 2
38 Graduate School 2
39 Physical Therapy 2
40 Pharmaceutical Science 2
41 Center for Urban Studies 1
42 Emeritus Academy 1
43 Class Gift 0
44 Eugene Applebaum Pharmacy and Health Sciences 0
45 Office of Campus Sustainability 0
46 Pharmacy Class of 1979 Scholarship 0
47 Clinical Laboratory Science 0
48 Nurse Anesthesia 0
49 Other 0
50 Pathologists' Assistant 0
51 Physician Assistant 0
52 Radiation Therapy Technology 0
53 Radiologic Technology 0
Donors by Affinity
Alumni, friends, faculty and staff members, parents and students make Wayne State what it is. Which group will make the biggest impact today? Stay tuned!
What is your affiliation to WSU?
Rank Answer Amount
1 Alumni $143,116.20
2 Faculty/Staff $69,801.00
3 Friend $30,230.00
4 Parent $3,275.00
5 Student $1,740.00
WSU Employee Donations by Division
Across the university, our employees care about Wayne State's mission, inspiring from within. Which division has the most donors?
What division do you work for?
Rank Answer Donors
1 Liberal Arts & Sciences 64
2 Development & Alumni Affairs 47
3 School of Medicine 23
4 School of Social Work 21
5 Business School 19
6 College of Education 16
7 Computing & Info Technology 14
8 College of Nursing 13
9 Fine & Performing Arts 12
10 Provost & VP Academic Affair 9
11 Student Affairs 9
12 University Libraries 8
13 WSU Press 8
14 Research 6
15 School of Info. Sciences 6
16 Pharmacy & Health Science 6
17 Marketing and Communications 6
18 Athletics 5
19 Law School 4
20 Facilities Plan & Management 3
21 Business Operations 3
22 Honors College 3
23 Human Resources 3
24 VP Economic Development 3
25 Educational Outreach 2
26 College of Engineering 2
27 Internal Audit 2
28 Division of Enrollment Mgmt 2
29 Inst. Res. Assess & Data Res 1
30 WDET 1
31 General Counsel 1
32 Fiscal Operations 1
33 Secretary Board of Governors 1
34 Research Support 1
35 VP Finance & Bus Operations 1
36 President 1
37 Graduate School 1
Alumni Class Year by Decade
With over 274,000 living alumni, WSU is proud of all alumni. Which decade of Warriors will prove to be the most philanthropic today?
In which decade did you graduate?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 '70s 115
2 '80s 114
3 '90s 107
4 2000s 75
5 2010s 59
6 '60s 47
7 2020s 16
8 '50s 5
Regional Network Challenge
Which regional network can bring in the most donors on Giving Day? Gifts from across the nation (and world!) will be mapped and whichever Regional Network takes the lead will have an additional $500 gift made to the Student Emergency Fund in their honor by the WSU Alumni Association.
Which regional network are you part of?
Rank Answer Donors
1 Chicago 20
2 DC 15
3 LA 13
4 Northern California 12
5 NYC 9
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